The Real American Recovery Project

" The Real American Recovery Project"

June 2012 Edition

2013 Newsletter now on along with Matthew's evidence tape! The video is in two segments and can be found under the link "Evidence Video".

 The recovery of One Nation Under God –

 By Gary Coy; a Disabled Viet Nam Vet; first for my God & then for my kidnapped son Matthew Joseph Fink & 58,000 of my generation who died thinking they were protecting “The truth that is our God”

The truth is the law of God; more powerful than all the money in the world.  In 1975, I decided I to work for the truth & found myself surrounded by enemy “people who lie, cheat, steal, kill people, & break things for money.  It always looks like the good guys have lost.  The bad guys own all the newspapers, radio & T.V. stations & their lies are always in your face.  Good has always won because the truth is written in the hearts of all men.  The truth is much more powerful than all the lies & money in the world.  Your children & mine need to be living in a world ruled by the truth that is our God.  The lies & filth of the filthy rich are killing all of us.     

The truth is the law & the most powerful thing in the world ;  As Christ was about to be crucified he said words to the affect; A day to God is 1000 yrs.  Seek knowledge; the truth that is the knowledge of how to do every job the next right way & on the morning of the 3rd day you will have the truth that is the knowledge you need to be as free as a bird.  Day 1 = yr 1 – 999; day 2 = yr 1000 to yr 1999 & 2000 – 2012 : the morning of the 3rd day; at that time no one knew what a machine or computer was; today we have the truth that is the knowledge that can set man-kind free of money worship, Satanism; the betrayal of all that is right for money. We are the wealthiest people in our 2000 year history we are able to build machines & computers that don’t break & we can teach them to do every job needed to feed, clothe & house every man woman & child on the face of the earth.  It is “The will of God that we do this for our children”; to set them free of the need for money in “One Nation under God.”  “We the People” must own the computers & machines as a community. The filthy rich have proven to all that if they own them we’ll live in The filth that is Kingdom of Hell on Earth.  They will continue to use them to make money while oppressing us with pay more & get less & killing us with the filth Satanism generates; 10s of thousands of people die every day in their filth.

We have one foot in The Kingdom of Hell & the other in The Kingdom of Heaven.  Our actions will determine which way things go for our children.  We have the laws of Satan that men have made to make money & that generate filth & we have the laws of God that can clean up the mess they’ve made & set us free of them.

The police & our government are Satan’s finest protectors of lies & liars; this is all that is wrong with our world.  I have 11 years of evidence proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that these judges are in the business of treating the truth like a lie & lies like the truth behind closed doors while protected by police: Jolene Kopreva,  Dan Milliron,  Hirom A. Carpenter,  Timothy M. Sullivan, Elizabeth A. Doyle, Thomas G. Peoples,  Norman D. Callen, John Rielly.  All our leaders are getting wealthy betraying us for Satan’s money; working for our enemy nations.  You have a choice to make now; take a stand for the truth or continue on the road to hell; not because I said so, but because it’s the truth that is “The Real Law” in “The Real Kingdom of God.”

What’s more important; visits with my kidnapped & abused child or taking out his enemies before he grows up?  The Enemy: If you have a child you get to see the truth when they close the doors, no cameras or recording devices allowed; they’re working for the enemy.  Nikita Khrushchev, Russian President in the 60s said, “We’ll take you from within” a riddle & the answer is; within the government & courtrooms, using judges, magistrates, & elected representatives.  Without firing a shot”; our police are firing the shots.  Then “We’ll bury you” in laws that force you to do every job the wrong way, & “We’ll bring you to your knees” by bankrupting every American business using enemy corporations & then closing them; Wal-Mart’s; Dollar Stores; everything on the stock market.  The enemy took over Russia & he was warning that it would happen the same way here.


Lying by Judges, Police & Representatives is the Treason that’s costing us our entire world!


Our police are taught to protect the enemy in the government the enemy built. “We the People” have no police protection from the criminals who run our government for my enemy & yours “The money”.  All our problems come from the educational systems the enemy built.  Until candidates are repeating the truth in this letter all that we have running for office is money worshipers who work for the enemy using lies to mislead us.



Matthew Joseph Fink: was born 12/28/99 & the investigation of The Case of Them All” began. 

2 months after DNA proved he was my son Judges began using him to attack me by ordering his kidnap by Sheriff’s deputies with the cooperation of State & Freedom Township Police.  In court Sheriff’s Deputies protected these judges as they treated the truth like a lie & lies like the truth & used their positions to abuse my son; trying in vain to get me to break the law to protect him.  I chose instead to collect evidence.  I have 11 yrs of evidence of their crimes; Mat’s kidnap, sexual abuse & the other crimes they were informed of as you are in this letter.  Every American is a servant of truth or he or she is a traitor there is no middle ground!

The practice of betrayal for money & power is being practiced behind closed doors in every court-room, government building & nearly every business in our nation.  When our government sent our factories overseas it was the crime of Treason committed by our Congress & Senate for enemy nations.  The NAFTA laws weren’t about free trade they’re about helping our enemies commit espionage & our representatives making money where slavery & pollution are legal.  We don’t owe China or any enemy nation any money.     

Recovery will happen when we expose the lies & liars by spreading this truth & “Act like the truth really is the law & our God & this nation”.   God is every word of truth & Satan is every word a lie.  His only strength is in having the media he owns protect his lies.  I stopped going to court because they used my son to force me to practice their evil religion & the longer it went on the worse it got.  Each of the judges acted like my son’s kidnap & abuse didn’t happen & refused to look at the evidence.  “We’re not here to talk about that” they said.  Every time we enter our God’s court we’re there to hear the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth so that our God will always be there to protect our nation & his; to refuse is to commit Treason; which they did.



Over 2000 yrs ago the Arab plan began.  Some called themselves Jews to gain entrance to all nations.  They’ve ruled the world together using this lie.  In the late 1800s those who call themselves Jews created The American Bar Association, entered our courts, & gained control of our tax dollars which are now being spent to complete all of their plans which are also Satan’s plan to Bar God & all that is right from our world & replace it with all that is wrong with our nation.  In 100 years they built our government & school systems by making laws.   Our police practice selective law enforcement for them as they build The Kingdom of Hell inside of One Nation under God: to recover we must take out the traitors starting local police & township supervisors who are betraying us like Judas Satan Iscariot protecting the enemy’s plans for us instead of our God’s plan for us.  

The balance of power is gone, Saudi Arabia & other enemy nations are running our government.  100% of elected positions in the U.S. are occupied by attorneys or politicians advised by attorneys before they do or say anything & attorneys are 100% controlled by the Arab Bar association.  Arabs who call themselves Jews run the Bar.  Our leaders do & say what the bar tells them or they get disbarred or otherwise removed.  The Bar Association made laws creating every department in our government to complete the goals of the enemy; the oppression & enslaving of all of mankind; God’s people to give us this choice right no The war that we’re in is Satanism vs Godism, money worship vs. God worship, right vs. wrong, the truth vs the lies; they all mean the same thing & there is no middle ground.  The money worshipers do everything the wrong way because it costs us more money which generates profits for them on their stock markets.  God worship is almost non-existent because when we do things the right way prices & profits go down & that isn’t happening.  Satanic or wrong way engineering is when things are made to break just after warrantee runs out or jobs like garbage & sewage are done wrong to cause more expense by causing filth.  If we continue to allow people to get rich by creating filth we will all die in that filth.  35,000 people per day die in Africa because of filth created by money worship & that number is growing all over the world including here.

Godism or natural living is living within the laws of God or nature where everything gets recycled & there is no such thing as waste & no filth is created.  We are being oppressed because our Presidents & elected representatives.

 Chose to surrender to enemy & redesign our nation to be like our enemy nations; that’s treason & they need to pay the price for having committed a capital crime.  The police are just as guilty for protecting them instead of protecting “We the People” from the Treason & Espionage, even after they know this truth they continue to protect the lies.  What exactly is the difference between Godism & Satanism?

Godism – We do the job any job the most right way we can think of to do the job, then while we’re doing the job in this way we continue to seek the knowledge that is the truth that is “The next right way” to do the job & the next & so on.  The right way to do any job is always in all ways the least expensive way in terms of man hours, energy & materials used to get the job done so that each next right way is less expensive than the last way which causes the price of everything to go down; this is called deflation, which means that the closer we get to the most right way to do any job the closer we get to “The Will of God for us”, which is to get machines & computers to do any job we don’t enjoy doing, which gives us lots of time to do things we enjoy doing like loving our friends & families.  Jobs we enjoy doing we can choose to do ourselves; we’re free. 

Satanism – We do the job any job the most wrong way we can think of to do the job, then while we’re doing the job in this way we continue to seek the knowledge that is the lie that is “The next wrong way” to do the job & the next & so on.  The wrong way to do any job is always in all ways a more expensive way in terms of man hours, energy & materials used to get the job done so that each next wrong way is more expensive than the last wrong way which causes the price of everything to go up; this is called inflation, which means that the closer we get to the most wrong way to do any job the closer we get to “The Will of Satan for us” which is to have the filthy rich own all the machines & computers & oppress us & keep us from doing all the things we’d enjoy doing if only we were free to do them.  We don’t have much time to love our families & that’s getting worse as our representatives give us the will of our enemies making everything cost more of our free time.

Garbage & sewage done right can generate enough energy to end our need for oil & stop the oil age & the pollution.  In 1976, I founded The Small Business & Consumer Protection Association, & was thrown in prison by the police in selective law enforcement, where I stayed for 21 days.  My lead was not followed, your enemies won, no businesses were protected & now they’re in China & other enemy nations we shouldn’t be doing business with at all.  Our leaders send our men & women overseas to false wars & make money betraying us again because they own factories that produce the tools of war.  The enemy owns all media who read lies conducting the real war here.  What you hear & see in the news is the reading of enemy propaganda, you get the same thing from news you get from enemy built educational systems; trivia & lies.  Let’s dig to hell for energy with fracking when in truth God gave us clean top of the earth energy the enemy calls garbage & sewage.

The Enemy’s Pattern of Behavior;  After Matt’s kidnap they acted like the crime never happened & went on to the next phase of the crime.  They demanded that I pay child support for my kidnapped son, which has become child abuse support.  Our leaders were offered by our enemies a get rich quick scheme & took it; they sent our factories to enemy nations where laws against slavery & pollution don’t exist.  They & the enemy nations get rich at the expense of the American people.  This is the crime of Treason for our American leadership including our President & past Presidents who participated lining up the crime & Espionage for the participating enemy nations.  After all “What are we going to do about it they have our police working for them?”  They acted like the crime never happened & moved on to the next phase of the crime, which was to borrow money from China to pay for the damage they’ve done to us.  We don’t owe China or any other enemy nation any money for this crime.  We owe all traitors time in jail until we have time to carry out the sentence.

They gave me visitation of my son but she was in contempt of our visitation agreement once or twice a year & they never gave her any penalty for being in contempt of court so she just kept doing it more.  She was acting Devil Possessed & the judges were the devils possessing her.  They were trying to get me to break the law by doing harm to her, but it didn’t work because I knew what they were up to & I kept collecting the evidence.   By the same patterned behavior they act like the crime of Treason & Espionage didn’t happen & move on to the next phase of the crime.  Having the full cooperation of Township Supervisors who most likely received bribes & kick-backs they allow Wal-Mart’s, Dollar Stores & others that only carry enemy produced products to take products to take over the entire American business Community bankrupting the American businesses. 

Once an police officer commits a crime like protecting criminals; he’s just another criminal.

They make more money from their stocks because of the slave labor & not having to deal with the expense of anti-pollution devices but prices continue to rise for us because their motive is “get rich quick” & not take care of the American people.  The enemy plan is to kill all our businesses & then close all of the Wal-Marts etc. leaving us with no stores to buy anything.  Recovery requires us to arrest or stop the traitors & start our nation over.

I haven’t seen my son since October of 2010:  When Milliron lied about my behavior.  Matt’s mother, Rebecca Fink had written up a pack of lies to try to get a PFA; no witnesses, no police report, as was her usual, just lies.  “This isn’t enough for a PFA,” he said, “but I’ve known Mr. Coy for about 10 years & I tend to believe what she said.” She never wrote one court document that was true but this is an example of; she would tell a lie & all the judges would treat it like the truth & I get punished for her lies; for example at one point I had to have supervised visits with my son because of a lie she told.  I wasn’t going to do that again.  That would be me acting guilty when I wasn’t.  I requested another judge for another contempt hearing because Milliron didn’t restore my visitation at the PFA hearing but they court administration run by Janis Meadows said I couldn’t get any other judge, so I requested a trial by jury on all of the crimes that I had evidence that they’d committed against me & my son.  Likely these traitors had a big laugh at that, they’ve been freely illegal for a long time.

No trial by jury because the entire court is run by the Arabs who call themselves Jews who are in the business of Espionage & have been getting away with it for 100 yrs & they own Janis, the judges, attorneys, sheriff’s, deputies & the District Attorney because they control the spending of our tax dollars; so I began writing & publishing the truth in this newsletter.  My job has become the same as God’s people; to offer you a choice.  Continue to allow the enemy within to kill your children in false wars while the real war is here at home where we’re all being oppressed or get off your butt & take out the trash starting with the courthouse , the township supervisors, magistrates.  Police; your real enemy,  have no right to issue even a traffic ticket.

The court became a gang of criminals when I informed them of the crimes described in this letter & they didn’t try to stop them they became an active part of the crimes by using their offices to protect the criminals.  When I inform the public of the crimes by mass mail out & you fail to stand up for the truth that is your God, you become as guilty as they are in the eyes of God.  The truth is your God, when you turn your back on the truth you turn your back on God. 

36 yrs ago I began working this case; when I discovered the presence of this enemy as this letter says.  I’ve actively pursued solutions to the problem putting the facts that are the truth together.  I’m not trying to sell them; I’m trying to give them to you.  You as a community are in violation of the law as long as the enemy has my son & occupies our God’s court.  Every courthouse is his temple of truth in his nation.  We all pay for what those in office do to disgrace God’s truth.  The longer you allow it to continue the worse it’s going to get just like it did for me.   I’m a 100% disabled service  connected Viet Nam Vet.  I have a piece of paper that’s my recent re-evaluation; it says that my disability is that I have delusions of what the truth is because I gave them some of these articles to examine.  Have respect for those who died & are still dying in false wars.  Read the letter & see if you think the truth is a delusion of mine.  I spend all my money which is your tax dollars spreading the truth because all those guys who died in any war did so thinking that it was to keep “his”, that is “God’s” truth marching on; that’s not what’s going on in this nation.  Get our soldiers home to clean up here. 

The mission statement for my God’s Kingdom is this: “In the beginning was the truth, & the truth was with God, & the truth was God, & the truth is, was, & always will be, the law, in the Kingdom of God, which is One Nation under God, which is where we live & always have.  It is his world.  The real St. John 1:1 .

The truth is knowledge that makes a good foundation for life.  The only water anyone ever walked on.  You can do your walk thru life on the truth or you can choose the lies.  If you desire good Karma for you & your children you must stand up for the truth that is the law.  The enemy attacked my son & me because I’ve been spreading the truth in this manner since 1987.  When you throw the real truth, the water of life, in the face of the enemy it takes his power away & causes him to wither & die like the wicked witch of the west in The Wizard of Oz: The truth is our God & our weapon in this war all you have to do is believe in it & spread it & it will do the job.  “Occupy” something with it or better yet “Occupy Everything with it!”  

Gary Del Coy
Address: 594 Cream Hollow Road
East Freedom, PA 16637

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